Dick’s Picks Vol. 33 — 10/9-10/76 Oakland, CA


In this week’s episode of 36 From The Vault we find the band just a few weeks past the shocking brilliance of the Dick’s Picks Vol. 20 two-show set from Fall 1976, here in Oakland, CA for a pair of opening gigs for The Who from the “Day On The Green” at the Oakland Coliseum Stadium. Two completely day lit shows, we hear the band try to channel energy through surprising segues and upbeat selections, crafting one of the more BBQ appropriate Dick’s Picks of the larger series.


Diss One, from 10/9, finds us in familiar territory as the Berry bookend opens the show before the greatest Grateful Dead song of all time is played and later “Jed.” The disc is highlighted by a gorgeous outro on “Looks Like Rain” and a loose & jammy “Scarlet Begonias,” just months away from its meeting point with “Fire On The Mountain.” Disc Two is highlighted by a phenomenal “Help -> Slip -> Drums -> Samson -> Slip -> Franklin’s” showcasing the brilliant suite in 1976.


Disc Three, from 10/10, features some rarities before closing with a wild & gorgeous “Dancin -> Wharf Rat -> Dancin.” Disc Four features another sandwich, with Playin’ leading the way this time around: “Playin -> Drums -> The Wheel -> Space -> The Other One -> Stella -> Playin.” On the whole it’s a bit of an underwhelming volume in terms of transcendent moments, but it showcases The Dead in a more traditional 70’s classic rock setting, while giving many dreams of what “Space” would sound like at 3pm.


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