Dick’s Picks Vol. 27 – 12/16/92, Oakland, CA


In this week’s episode, our Season 3 Finale, we wrap things up in December 1992 in Oakland, CA, with a show from the larger returning run following Jerry’s health crisis during the summer/fall. Featuring a unique setlist filled with songs of every era, the lone Vince solo show of the series, and perhaps the most bizarre song pairing in Dick’s Picks history, it’s a wild and fitting closure to S3 of our show.


Disc One opens with the song we’ve all been waiting for since the series began: “Feel Like A Stranger.” While we don’t get the Brent growl throughout, we get the silky silky reprise all the same, and it leads to a larger conversation within the show. Elsewhere we hear an updated take on “The Main Thing,” where Bob’s “De Men’s” line clashes heavily with the barroom swirl of Pigpen. “Loose Lucy” makes its DP debut in a sultry groove before a fantastic “Let It Grow” closes it out. In Disc Two we hear some of the 90’s jamming applied to “Shakedown Street” before Bob’s grunge inspired guitar tones take over “Ship Of Fools.” More 90’s jamming invades “Playing” which moves into an inspired “Drums -> Space.” Finally, in Disc Three, we get a rare 90’s “Dark Star” alongside the groove of “Throwing Stones” from 12/17. The volume ends with the most bizarre pairing of songs in DP history with “Baba O’Rielly -> Tomorrow Never Knows.” Vince takes the lead here and the band somehow stumbles through the Boomer Anthem pairing. There’s truly nothing like it, and it’s a perfect way to close the volume and Season 3 of 36 From The Vault.


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