Dick’s Picks Vol. 26 – 04/26-27/69, Chicago, IL & Minneapolis, MN


In this week’s episode we hop back to 1969 to hear two shows from the spring that showcase The Grateful Dead in significant transition. We hear two Midwestern shows: April 26, 1969 from Chicago, IL and April 27, 1969 from Minneapolis, MN. Hearing the band shift between the summer of love English Folk of their late-60’s output to Pigpen bar blues to the Live Dead inspired suite from Minneapolis, is a revealing insight into who The Dead were & who they could’ve become.

Disc One opens with a string of songs the band would essentially leave in the 60’s, highlighting the Garcia/Hunter penchant for pastoral lyrics & fitting 3-4 songs together into one. The highlight is undeniably the “Mountains Of The Moon” which fades into a “Dark Star” jam. The disc ends with a stunning jam from 4/27 out of “Turn On Your Lovelight -> Me & My Uncle” which showcases the looseness the band could play with during this period. Disc Two continues on 4/27 with a suite based around “Dark Star” that essentially mimics the Live Dead release, showcasing a similar selection of songs through different passages of improvisation. On the whole, the set proves to be a controversial one for Rob & Steve as the two find numerous disagreements with Disc One, as well as with the place The Dead find themselves in early 1969. The Velvet Underground co-headlined the 4/26 show with The Dead, offering another avenue for discourse on this release.

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