Dick’s Picks Vol. 21 – 11/01/85, Richmond, VA

In this week’s episode we dive into the heart of the 1980s for a complete show at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmon, VA on November 1, 1985, as well as a segment of the September 2, 1980 show at Community War Memorial in Rochester, NY. The main show finds the band competing with the intense vibe of the scene and working to will the crowd back from the brink. As a result, it features some of the most unique setlisting we’ve heard featured on a Dick’s Picks release, regardless the era. In the 1980’s segment, we hear the band toying with “Space.” before showcasing Brent’s initial impacts on the band, through a stunning “Morning Dew.”

Disc One gives us our third “Dancing In The Streets” in the last two releases. The remainder of the set is upbeat, and updated takes on 70’s Dead classics here with their full band from the 80’s. Disc Two might be the most mellow set in Dick’s Picks history as “Samson & Delila” is really the only upbeat song of the night. What follows is an hour of deeply methodical and meditative music that only makes sense when one knows the intensity of the events of the night. “High Time>He’s Gone -> Spoonful>Comes A Time>Lost Sailor>Drums -> Space -> Saint Of Circumstance” bridges the second and third discs in stunning fashion. In Disc Three we move from the contemplative to the wedding party as “Gimme Some Lovin’,” “She Belongs To Me” and “Gloria” cap off a weird set that has to be heard. Finally, the set ends with a segment from 9/2/80 with a deeply engaged “Space” fading into “Iko Iko” before a stunning “Morning Dew” and “Sugar Magnolia” closes things down. It’s a wild and unique release in the overall catalogue, one that showcases The Dead at their most 80’s in 1985.

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