Dick’s Picks Vol. 19 – 10/19/73, Oklahoma City, OK

In this week’s episode we dive back into Fall 1973 Dead for an exploration of Dick’s Picks Vol. 19 from October 19, 1973 at the Fairgrounds Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. A single-show snapshot of The Dead as they launched into their lauded Fall 1973 Tour, we hear the musical explorations and immediate brilliance which would lead to two previous Dick’s Picks releases in Vol. 1 and Vol. 14. 

Disc One features some quality, albeit slowed down, performances of some of the band’s favorite tracks from the era, with excellent takes on “Sugaree” and “Tennessee Jed.” Disc Two kick’s off with a wild, near-20min take on “Playin’ In The Band” alongside a fiery take on “China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider.” Disc Three is the gem of the release, with a 25min “Dark Star -> Mind Left Body Jam” kicking things off before moving into “Morning Dew” and a hot “Sugar Magnolia”. A double encore closes out the release with a phenomenal ‘73 “Eyes Of The World” moving into “Stella Blue” before “Johnny B Goode” sends us on our way with a Berry Bookend. It’s a great way to jump back into Season 3 of 36 From The Vault!

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