Dick’s Picks Vol. 13 – 05/06/81, Uniondale, NY

DP13 16×9

In this week’s episode we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 13, from Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY on May 6, 1981. A return to the 80’s & the Brent era, this is a puzzling installment in the larger volume that features a lot of repeated tracks, before showcasing some stellar jamming in a bonus segment late in the show. Highlighting Set I, we hear an inspired Brent on “Alabama Getaway,” and a fiery Jerry on “Jack-A-Roe,” before the two collaborate for a fantastic jam in “Deal.” In Set II we hear the first “Lost Sailor -> Saint Of Circumstance” of the Dick’s Picks series, before the latter fades into a 30+min wild bonus segment of “Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain” from 1979, which heard Brent push his ideas on the band to fascinating results. Returning to Nassau, the “He’s Gone -> Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) -> Drums -> Jam -> The Other One -> Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad> Wharf Rat” segment is filled with surprises and improv, making it a highlight for the era and the volume. In the dark ages of the early-80s, this volume showcases what made this era confounding and also fascinating all at once. 

Steven and Rob focus on the joy/challenge of virtual tour listening projects, the band’s songwriting shifts & creative malaise at this time, the curiosities of Bob Weir’s political beliefs, and the best shows that surrounded this version.

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