Dick’s Picks Vol. 12 – 06/26-28/74, Providence, RI & Boston, MA

DP12 16×9

Welcome back to Season 2 of 36 from the Vault: SUMMER TOUR! In Episode 13 we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 12, from the Providence Civic Center in Providence, RI on June 26, 1974 and the Boston Garden in Boston, MA on June 28, 1974. A return to the wondrous year of 1974, as well as the compilation format in the DP series, this is a fan favorite, and one of the strongest versions to date. Filled with rare tracks and massive jams, it’s one of the more unique versions in the series, and a perfect snapshot of where The Dead were in Summer 1974. Kicking things off with an extended “China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider” sets the tone for the collection. Rounding out disc one with a 50-min segment that reads: “Truckin’ -> The Other One -> Spanish Jam -> Wharf Rat -> Sugar Magnolia” concludes one of the best single discs The Dead have ever released. Later we hear a snippet of the experimental jam in “Seastones” before another incredible 50min segment of “Weather Report Suite -> Jam -> US Blues” highlights the third disc. All in all it’s a truly thematic volume which showcases The Dead’s successes with The Wall Of Sound as well as their heavy focus on improvisation in 1974. 

Steven and Rob focus on the eternal greatness of “China>Rider,” the brilliance of compilation Dick’s Picks, the desire to hear a full “Seastones,” the band’s impending hiatus, and the beauty of mid-70’s Warren Beatty’s hair, seen best in the film “The Parallax View.” 

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