Dick’s Picks Vol. 1 — 12/19/73, Tampa, FL


Welcome To 36 from the Vault! Hosted by Steven Hyden and Rob Mitchum, the series explores The Grateful Dead’s live releases. Steven and Rob use the series as a jumping-off point to discuss the wildest and most unconventional American rock band, along with the venues, cultural zeitgeist, musical evolution, and larger themes of each release.


In Episode 1 we explore Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 1. Recorded at the Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa, FL, on December 19, 1973. Here we find the band on a high, closing out one of their strongest years ever, and featuring a fully-flowing second set marked by the uninterrupted segment of: “He’s Gone -> Truckin’ -> Nobody’s Fault But Mine -> Jam -> The Other One -> Jam -> Stella Blue.”


Steven and Rob focus on the origins of the live release series before diving into the show itself, properly highlighting the transcendent Set 2. In addition, they offer a history of the band playing odd one-off shows in out-of-the-way markets, consider the political corruption in Florida that leads to stadium naming, and muse over the value of bass solos, along with much more.


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