36 From The Vault – Season Three Trailer

In Season One we tuned up & jammed out. In Season Two we extended Summer into Fall while exploring some of the best Dick’s Picks in the larger catalogue. Now, in Season Three, we’re aging vets, greying at the edges & ready for however many triple Berry’s you’ve got for us. 

Welcome back to Season 3 of 36 From The Vault. We’ll be covering Dick’s Pick’s 19-27 + a Curveball episode we can’t wait to announce! We’re getting into some new years of the Dead as 1968, 1976, 1985 & 1992 all make their first appearances in the series! It’s a fascinating look at the enduring legacy of the series as well as some uncharted eras in Dead history which only further reveal the depth of the overall band. 

Season Three begins Monday, March 22!

36 from the Vault is production of Osiris Media. It is edited and produced and mastered by Brian Brinkman. All music composed by Amar Sastry, unless otherwise noted. Logo design by Liz Bee Art & Design. The executive producer of 36 from the Vault is RJ Bee. 

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