Osiris “Wordsmith” contest winners announced daily starting Sunday 8/19!

We’re still recovering from the Curveball cancellation, as we know many of you are too. We wanted to try and bring a bit of light to you all by announcing the top 5 winners of Tom’s lyric contest (aka “Wordsmith”) this week.

We received 500 entries, and Tom reviewed them all. Now we have the top 5. The top 2 will get a Phish album signed by Tom, and the top 3 runners up will get an Osiris t-shirt and 2 Osiris koozies.

Here’s a note from Tom:

“I sincerely thank everyone who entered the Osiris Wordsmith contest. I was absolutely delighted to feel the warmth of so many kindred spirits out there who also enjoy writing as a window into new territory…of the brain, soul, imagination…and in this case, the border-world between sleep and wakefulness. This is the same territory many of my writing projects venture into, and as some of you pointed out, exactly the same place where ‘Bouncing Around the Room’ came from. I read and re-read every single one of your delightful verses, and now am thinking how to do this again because it was so fun. And of course I’m now figuring how to create a song from this type of experiment. Much love, Tom”

#5 will be announced Sunday, #4 on Monday, #3 on Tuesday, #2 on Wednesday, and the winner will be announced on Thursday.

We’ll post each of the top 5 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so make sure to follow us on at least one of those (but why not follow us on all!).

Thanks again to everyone who participated. We’ll be back with more info on a Dick’s Couch Report next week as well. Be kind to each other.