Top Osiris podcasts of 2018

As we wind down the first year for Osiris, we wanted to share some the top episodes of our podcasts below.

Under the Scales features Tom Marshall and RJ Bee interviewing Trey Anastasio about the 20th anniversary of Story of the Ghost, the Baker’s Dozen, Jon Fishman, and the only three rock n’ roll photos he has in his house.. You can also read a full, illustrated transcript of that interview here.

Dead to Me hears from guitarist Neal Casal about his music and his Grateful Dead journey. You probably know Neal from his playing with Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Circles Around the Sun, but he has also collaborated with Cass McCombs’ Skiffle Players, Beachwood Sparks, Phil Lesh, and Bob Weir.

Amigos Pod talks with legendary comedian Artie Lange. Artie discusses everything from Bruce Springsteen and comedy, to The Grateful Dead, addiction, his years on Howard, and his first time doing standup.

No Simple Road brings Adam MacDougall, the keyboardist for Circles Around The Sun, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood and more to the show. They talk about his love of Funkadelic, creating five hours of new music for Fare Thee Well on the fly, joining The Black Crowes and then Chris Robinson Brotherhood, mimosas and laundry.

Relix Audio Hour revisits Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” for the 50th  anniversary of the album. Host Jesse Lauter digs into the creation of the guitar god’s studio masterpiece with engineer/mixer Eddie Kramer and Hendrix historian John McDermott.

Road To Now features Bob Crawford exploring the outsize life of one of America’s folk heroes, visiting the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bob and Ben discuss the experiences that shaped Guthrie and the legacy he left for those of us today.  

Inside Out wTnS talks with guitar phenom Billy Strings. Billy talks about his musical influences, his touring life, his new album, learning music from his father and more.

The Sound features Rob Baracco of Dark Star Orchestra. Rob talks about his tenure with DSO, the Phil Lesh quintet and mastering the parts of four iconic keyboard players of the Grateful Dead.

Beyond the Pond talks with Grayson Haver Currin for a wide-ranging conversation about music, travel, current festival trends, and how formative songwriters can regain their past glory.

Phemale-Centrics chats with Carl Gerhard, trumpeter with the Giant Country Horns and a guest of Phish since 1988. Carl shares stories about Page and Carl’s battle of the bands in high school and how they got their Giant Country Horns tuxedos for the July 1991 shows.

Brokedown Podcast brings you an interview with Phil Cook, an excellent musician, Deadhead and human. Phil talks about his new album, “People Are My Drug,” and his band, The Guitarheels. They also talk about his work with Hiss Golden Messenger.

Helping Friendly Podcast launches into a two-part breakdown of one of the biggest months in Phish history, December 1995. Joined by two special guests, RJ, Jonathan and Matt go through each show of that month with plenty of music and discussion.

GuitarCast examines how the Grateful Dead has influenced“Game of Thrones.” Author DF Lovett offers insight into the many connections between The Grateful Dead and “A Song of Ice and Fire,” the literary saga that is the source material for the show. Lovett’s Grateful Dead panel from Con of Thrones 2018 is included in the second half of this episode.

Alternate Routes with Jesse Jarnow brings you some “September sounds” for that month, with new music from a bunch of great up-and-coming bands. This episode is filled with brilliant 12-string acoustic guitar, pedal steel, puppet opera dreams, new jazz, & double-drummer thunder.

Dark Blue interviews artist Pictureplane about his life in the DIY music community, the demonization of artists, the potential of psychedelics and the tragic loss of  his friend, the musician Lil Peep.

Daddy Unscripted goes deep with former MLB pitcher Ryan Dempster about his baseball career, his upbringing and his experience as a father.

Fear of a Craft Beer Planet discusses beer, the state of microbrewing, and the history of America’s most recognizable pale ale with Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman.

Southern Songs and Stories features a discussion with The Steel Wheels about bringing new life to songs close to a century old, the push and pull of wanting to make music, while also wanting to address the massive divides between us and help build community.  And there’s a lot of their live set from the festival.

God Ween Evan prepares for Evan’s upcoming baptism by Boognish at The Capitol Theater, and takes a journey from Hell and to The Palace of Vice, meeting his wife and The Freak along the way.

Welcome to the Party, Pal interviews “Wild Wild Country” film editor Neil Meiklejohn, who brilliantly co-craftedthi intriguing tale and fascinating case study of a controversial cult leader.Their conversation delves into topical issues of immigration, the divide between church and state, and human’s instinctual desire for community.

Which is Better debates two of the biggest Christmas movies ever—Home Alone and Die Hard. Join comedians Brad Edwards, Sean Parrott, and Gary Fletcher as they discuss booby traps, bad guys and Bruce Willis! If you’ve ever been Home Alone or found yourself in a shootout with terrorists, then grab your Talkboy and listen to this episode, you filthy animals!

Thank you so much for your support. This has been an amazing year for Osiris, and we’re looking forward to many more. Send us thoughts, feedback and questions via Twitter, Facebook or email (info at osirispod dot com).