New Podcast Features Eric Krasno Interviewing Musical Legends and Innovators


New York, New York — April 13th, 2020 — On April 20th, Osiris Media will launch a new music podcast hosted by Grammy award-winning guitar player Eric Krasno. Eric Krasno Plus One is an interview-style series that brings listeners backstage and deep into the lives of incredible musicians, starting with Dave Matthews in episode 1, and Laura Lee of Houston-based trio Khruangbin in episode 2. 

After 20 years on the road, Eric Krasno has spent time sharing stories with countless artists — and these conversations have become some of his most cherished memories. In Eric Krasno Plus One, the audience is invited to join moments like these in podcast form — topics range from early inspirations to discussions about the state of the music industry, to the challenges of life on the road, backstage shenanigans, and much more. Krasno’s engaged approach creates interviews that feel like conversations between friends.

“One of my favorite things about being a touring musician is meeting other artists I admire, and the relationships we build through the years,” said Eric Krasno. “I’ve been able to meet many of my heroes and watched young musicians become legends in their own right. The one constant I’ve found is that they all have a unique and interesting story to tell. Eric Krasno Plus One gives me the opportunity to record some of these conversations and invite you into the room with us.”

A trailer for Eric Krasno Plus One is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and through the Osiris website. Future guests include Phil Lesh, John Mayer, Derek Trucks, Mac Ayres, Marcus King, Emily King and more. 

Episode 1 highlights include:

  • How Dave started to get to know some of his future bandmates in Charlottesville: “And then all these other people, they were also in a sort of circle of musicians that we were all in together. You know, I sort of slowly started, you know, nobody really knew that I had any interest in music. They knew me as a bartender…more than anything.”
  • How Dave’s unique guitar sound came to be: “As a teenager, I was 13 or 14…this was something I kind of did hiding out in my room…I was obsessed with like piano players…And so I always wanted to sound more percussive.”
  • How success was a double edged sword for Dave Matthews Band: “How do we get all the shit that’s happening out of the way so we can still play music, and I think it’s…the thing that nearly destroyed it. But I think it’s also the thing that really kept us together was that like when everything else was sort of getting bigger than we were…I think it made us a really tight family.

“Now more than ever, we are dedicated to deepening the connection between artists and music fans,” said RJ Bee, CEO of Osiris Media. “We’ve loved seeing Eric going out and reconnecting with all of his friends to do these interviews, and his style will surely bring out the best in his interviewees. We’re proud to present this show as a perfect example of bringing musicians and their fans closer together.”

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