Join Osiris on the Lot at Dick’s in Denver 2022!


We’re gearing up for an exciting weekend on the Dick’s lot over the four-show Phish run, September 1-September 4. We’ll have a bunch of friends on site, from Section 119 selling unique and awesome Phish threads, to Sunset Lake with plenty of CBD to give away, and all our Camp Cannabis Depot partners including Yeti Farms, Evolab, Kaviar, Muncheez, and Harmony Extracts. 

We’ll be holding the following events every day on lot, from 3:30pm MT onward!

On Thursday we’ll be doing a full breakdown of Phish’s 10+ years of Labor Day Runs at Dick’s.

On Friday, we’ll be joined by Ryan Chiachiere of Trey’s Guitar Rig to discuss Phish’s improvisational evolution with a focus on Trey’s evolving rig. 

On Saturday, we’ll have Mockingbird Foundation Directors Dr. Stephanie Jenkins and Reed Meschefske, who will guide you through reflections on exciting and illuminating topics, including the healing power of music, music education as community engagement, and the ethics of fandom. The show will include philosophical interviews with special guests Ashley Driscoll, Benjy Eisen, Scott Marks, Lynn Nestingen of Augustana Arts, and Kim Sia. A collaboration between the Mockingbird Foundation, Public Philosophy Journal, and Osiris Media, the podcast celebrates the launch of the Public Philosophy Journal’s special issue about Phish and Philosophy.

And on Sunday, we’ll be joined by Tom Marshall and guests to discuss Phish’s Summer 2022 Tour and the Dick’s run!