E049 – TDAD Round Table Volume 3

Also Featuring the Demo Version of the tDB song “Twisted in the Road”

We give you our “attempt” at some pure comedy fun. Recorded one Friday night, The @TouchdownsAllDay & @BroBible Round Table Edition is a just a bunch of guys having fun & striving for a few organic moments of laughter. This Type II “comedy jam” features riffs by Jon Barber, Crunk Mike, Chris “The Swedish Fish” Lindvall, and Brandon @BroBible. Thanks for Listening!

Digging down deep in The Wayback vault, we recorded this in early December of 2019 @ The Oasis Pond Studio w/ BarberShreds, CRUNKMIKE, Brandon from BroBible, & Chris “The Swedish Fish” Lindvall. Thanks for the Scotch J.W. Game of Thrones peeps. It wasn’t much better than the end of your show. 

Hear us rant about OJ Simpson, Game of Thrones, the Beegees, Rammjamm, The role of the invention of the bathtub in the Fall of Rome, and much more on this hilarious episode of the TDAD ROUND TABLE. The RT’s were designed to be a spin-off of TDAD in an attempt to make people laugh & bring together people for high-spirited conversation. 

You might remember the 1st Vol. (TDAD E028) Well, these next 2 Volumes are from that same night, so have yourself an Arby’s and listen to this banger. 

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