E037 – Yarmouth Drive-In Night 2, Set 2 10/17/2021

LADIES & GENTLEDUDES, WE ARE BACK! @BarberShreds is here with the Triumphant return of the “Touchdowns All Day w/ Jon Barber” Podcast. Taping it LIVE TONIGHT 3/4/21 10pm EST from the studio.

Taking a trip back the 2nd set of The Disco Biscuits Drive-in Concert in Yarmouth, MA on October 17th, 2021.

“Yo, help me out here, what exactly we getting tonight? Video of first set of the show with JonBabzRTR himself commenting on it? Like VH1 the Hitz music videos with tidbits from the artist? -@UnlimitedDarsh on Twitter #Touchdownsallday


Sunday Mornin’ Quarterbackin’ with the GOAT, Jon Barber. He could go all the way!

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The Disco Biscuits @Yarmouth Drive-In Amphitheater /17/21 – Set 2:

Mindless Dribble2

Running into the Night

Munchkin Invasion


Munchkin Invasion




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“This is the one and only Disco Biscuits podcast hosted by the man, the myth, the legend @barbershreds and it’s absolutely fantastical. No one can play the guitar like Jon Barber! NO ONE! Dude is a straight up virtuosic, genius of a musician who has written some of the best songs the world has ever heard. As far as the podcast goes take some Barber banter swirl it with some Biscuits jams and you got yourself a stew going baby!! It’s smart, hilarious, weird, wild stuff and you should all be checking it out especially if you already get down with the greatest band on the planet, the Disco Biscuits!” — Ian Gillepsie > @tdbdancediet on IG.

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