Talking about all things Tractorbeam on this, E023 of “Touchdowns All Day w/ Jon Barber.” Real life Tractorbeam Coaches, Derek Van Scoten of @Cloudchord & Adrian Santos aka Space Cookie have been busy behind the scenes coaching & creating for the The Disco Biscuits’ Track-suited alter ego band. Derek drops by @Barbershreds’ Oasis Pond Studio to draw a line around what Tractorbeam is, the science behind the mojo. “I’m gonna go deep with Derek about his process, about how he gets The Disco Biscuits to play things, to change, to change what they’re doing, to mix together better. What is his mojo to create the Tractorbeam mojo?” –@BarberShreds

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This episode features jams by The Disco Biscuits hand picked by Rich Steele:

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