Inclusion Festival + Grateful Dead Music

Today we have a few updates for you and an interview with Amy Pinder, the founder of the Inclusion Festival—the first and only sensory-friendly music and wellness festival designed to accommodate and include people of all abilities. Enjoy!

Good Old Grateful Dead on Brokedown Podcast. This week, as Jonathan says, there’s “no agenda and no worries.” He talks Grateful Dead and plays the first single from the upcoming Garcia Peoples record, then gets into a bunch of Dead music ranging from 1973 to 1981 and featuring some “serious hot rock and roll as well as deep jamming that will not disappoint.”

Will Hanza of Escaper on No Simple Road. This week the crew is joined by Will Hanza from the band Escaper, which has a new album out now. Will has performed with dozens and dozens of musicians, and they talk with him about finding inspiration, what it feels like to finally play live music again, how music takes on a new shape through the environment it is being played in, and a lot more.

Inclusion Festival This Weekend! We’re going to get into an interview now with Amy Pinder, who founded this festival. Some of your favorite artists will be performing, which we’ll get into—people like Al from moe., Aron Magner, James Casey and Jennifer Hartswick from TAB, Taz, Paul Hoffman and a lot more. Please check out Inclusion Festival and tune in—donations go to a good cause. 


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