Spot Lyte On… NIVA (National Independent Venue Association)

The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) was recently formed to lobby with a unified voice for assistance from the federal government after thousands of small businesses across the country were imperiled by the spread of coronavirus. Within a matter of days its membership grew to some 450 members and a week later it had expanded to 900.

First Avenue CEO Dayna Frank, Pabst Theater Group CEO and co-owner Gary Witt and Marauder Managing Partner Rev. Moose join Lawrence Peryer from Lyte to discuss it’s formation, their goals and how independent venues are economic staples for their communities.

There is more information, including signup and contact forms, at NIVA’s website: 

You can support the staffs of these venues by donating to their respective GoFundMe’s at Lyte’s COVID-19 Relief Page.

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