Every little thing’s gonna be all White Chapter 3: “Murder Love(B-side)”

The blizzard continues in “Murder Love (B-side)” In the summer of 1993 there was no reggae song making people dance like the hip hip infused dancehall club banger titled Informer, and no reggae singer tearing up the international pop charts like a 24 year old white reggae rapper form Toronto Canada Darren Kenneth O Brian, better known as Snow. When the label decides to produce the follow up album in Kingston, The stage was set for an Irish hoodlum and his gang of thugs to descend onto a 3rd World country to wreak havoc. Enabled by managers and record companies willing to give him anything, and do whatever it takes to get a hit. The question is what is Henry K willing to do?

Produced by Henry K in association with Voice Boxx Studio Red Hillz, Jamaica

Closing Credits: “Time” Snow feat White MIce Produced by Henry K

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Rootsland is produced by Henry K Productions Inc. in association with Voice Boxx Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

Guest Vocals by:  Patrick “Curly Loxx” Gaynor, M, Liebo as Mathew Kletter

music production and sound design by Henry K

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