Scott Amendola of Amendola VS. Blades – Finding The Rhythm

If told about a band that consisted of only keyboards and drums, one wouldn’t be faulted for thinking, “Where’s the rest of the group?” But one listen to Amendola Vs. Blades—the funky California-based duo of Wil Blades on Hammond organ and clavinet and Scott Amendola behind the kit—and all fears will be assuaged. Blades’s cutting solos and deep bass lines make for a thick stew of soulful harmony and daring improvisation. And Amendola’s beats are simply unstoppable, simultaneously pushing the duo to heights unknown and sending the listener into a joyful sonic trance.

We hang out with Scott and discuss the birth of the dynamic duo that is Amendola VS. Blades, practicing 12 hours a day, hanging on to a bad performance until he could make it up to that audience, how genre can’t explain his groove, knowing how to play big and yet small, and a whole bunch more!

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