Episode 8: Blue October

In our 8th episode, we kick open the file on Blue October to get the scoop on their latest album, Spinning the Truth Around, Part 1.

The conversation gets lively with the band’s Justin Furtenfeld as we discuss the pandemic writing process for the new album – and, the follow up album Spinning The Truth Around Part 2. We also get the gritty inside story on his burgeoning acting career. Andy Hawk of KKDO in Sacramento joins us to explain how he feels the band has grown from their early days, when Alt/Rock was the predominate sound, compared to the music the band is making today. Plus, he reminds Justin that he promised to play for Andy’s daughter’s high school graduation! Plus, you’ll get a dose of the latest songs from Blue October’s new album.

Listen to Spinning The Truth Around, Part 1 here.

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