Episode 42: Be a Good Neighbor with Richard James

In this episode, Taraleigh and Dr. Leah talk with keyboardist Richard James about his new band Neighbor and the abundance of exciting energy surrounding them. Richard talks about the innovative ways they have introduced new Neighbors to the band and are now giving away free tickets to encourage Neighbors to improve their health. It truly is a friendly and supportive neighborhood. And the fans are reciprocating in even bigger ways! Richard shares stories of the incredible support including hiring a banner plane to get more people to a late-night festival set and buying out a whole baby registry. Finally, listeners are treated to the exciting news of Neighbor’s new album, out sometime later this year, and their upcoming cross-country Fall tour. For the “Did you Know,” Dr. Leah shares research on the benefits of being part of a community and Taraleigh encourages listeners to double down on their community involvement for the “Daily Jam.”


Richard James is the keyboardist for Pink Talking Phish as well as being a founding member of Neighbor. With a diverse catalog of hundreds of songs, the musical juggernaut Neighbor has become one of the most exciting and unpredictable live bands on the music scene today. Grown in large part by the passion and devotion of the fans called Neighbors, their symbiotic relationship inspires and touches every performance. The creation of childhood neighbors Richard James (vocals, keys) and Lyle Brewer (guitar), Neighbor combines ambitious composition, soulful balladry, and a fearless approach to their lengthy improvisations. The quartet is rounded out by Dan Kelly (bass) and Dean Johnston (drums) who fuel the groove and lay a solid foundation for Neighbor’s “down home” sound. Come see what’s good in the neighborhood. Find out more about Neighbor and where to catch them live at https://www.neighbortunes.com.

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