After Midnight: Phish’s Big Cypress Festival

Osiris is excited to announce After Midnight, our celebration of Phish’s 1999 New Years festival at Big Cypress.

The Facade at Big Cypress

Photo by Todd Levy, used with permission

In December 1999, Phish drew 85,000 people to the Big Cypress Indian Reservation in Florida’s Everglades, making their music festival the largest Millennium Eve celebration on earth.

Peter Jennings’ millennium broadcast of Phish at Big Cypress

As we look back at the festival, 20 years later, we’ll pay tribute to this unique festival—and examine the legacy for Phish and the music world.

Sign for the Meatstick Time Capsule
Photo by Todd Levy, used with permission

Hosted and narrated by renowned music journalist Jesse Jarnow, this five-episode series will draw on interviews with members of Phish and its crew, fan memories, and conversations with other people across the music industry.

Crosseyed and Painless from Big Cypress

Premieres November 14.