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Osiris @ Curveball — Come Say Hello!

We’re excited to be heading up to Curveball, and we have some really fun stuff planned. Please see below for the in-person schedule at Curveball. (Click here for a high resolution schedule.)

If you’re not able to make it, submit your questions to #CouchReport via social media before Friday (6:30pm ET broadcast) and Sunday (6:30pm ET broadcast). We’ll also be announcing the winners of Tom’s lyric contest (details on the contest here).

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Osiris Wordsmith Contest (aka Finish Tom’s Lyrics)

Wow! The response to this contest was incredible. The contest is now closed! 

There will be 2 winners — each will receive a Phish LP, signed by Tom and including a special message. The runner up will be announced during the Friday Couch Report (6:30pm ET), and the winner will be announced on the Sunday Couch Report (6:30pm ET). Subscribe to the Osiris YouTube channel to find out when we go live!

Tom wrote a verse of what might be a song someday. The problem is, he is stuck with a bad case of writer’s block. Please help Tom by contributing the next verse.

Rules—First, decide what this song might be about. What does it mean? Where should it go? Then, create a 4-line verse that makes sense after Tom’s first verse. Follow the same pattern Tom has established:

  1. use the same meter (word-rhythm: accents and syllables)
  2. Use the same rhyme-scheme — that is, AABB…meaning line 1 rhymes with line 2, and line 3 rhymes with line 4.
  3. Have fun!

The Song (so far):

Finally dreaming forgetting the day
I stepped off the edge, and floated away
soaring through cloud-laden memories again
where is she hiding, my dream-woven friend?

Couch Report: Phish @ Alpharetta — 7pm, Saturday 
August 4

Missing out on Phish in Alpharetta this weekend? Well, have no fear. Stock the fridge and ready the snacks—Couch Report is here to help you get to the moment when the lights go down.

You can also win an LP of Rift, signed by Tom Marshall! 

In the agonizing hour waiting for the band to take the stage for their Saturday-night special, join RJ, Matt and Jonathan of Helping Friendly Podcast for the free webcast Couch Report.

The guys will get down to the nitty gritty, breaking down tour so far, taking questions, making predictions and more. If you’re watching the LivePhish webcast, we’ll be here for you before the show, at set break and after the show.

Tune in on the Relix YouTube channel at 7pm ET on Saturday, August 4, but you can join the party now…

  • Send us your show photos, Couch Tour photos and your questions via Facebook and Twitter, or live during the broadcast in YouTube chat.
  • To enter to win the signed Tom Marshall Rift LP, share a haiku about a show on this tour to Facebook or Twitter. Use the #CouchReport hashtag!

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Couch Report: Phish Alpharetta N2

Stock the fridge and dim the lights, baby… it’s couch tour season. The webcasts are scheduled and the beers are chilled. But what to do in the agonizing hour waiting for Phish to take the stage for their Saturday-night special in Alpharetta, Georgia?

Hang out with us on Couch Report! Your friends RJ Bee and Matt Dwyer of Helping Friendly Podcast and Jonathan Hart of Brokedown Podcast get down to the nitty gritty, make predictions, take your questions and more, all in the pre-show hour.

Tune into the free, live Couch Report webcast on Relix YouTube channel at 7pm ET on Saturday, August 4. Have a burning question that needs the Couch Report treatment?  Send it along via hashtag #CouchReport on Facebook and Twitter, or live during the broadcast in YouTube chat.

Subscribe to Couch Report on Relix YouTube: https://goo.gl/e1o8NG

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