New Podcast “The Tapes Archive”—Never Before Heard Interviews with Prominent Musicians and Comedians

George Carlin, Billy Joel and Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio will be the first three interviews featured in “The Tapes Archive,” a new podcast from Osiris that unearths never before heard conversations with musicians and comedians.

The first episodes will be released the week of August 22, with new episodes every Wednesday.

The podcast is a collaboration between documentary filmmaker Alan Berry (“Dead Man’s Line”) and his longtime friend, journalist Marc Allan, who conducted and recorded the interviews decades ago. Allan recorded these interviews via phone, and the podcast provides a unique, intimate look into music, culture and these artists’ careers at specific moments in time. Most interviews were conducted between 1985-1995.

“Marc has had these tapes locked away for years,” Berry said. “We thought that there would be fans who want to hear these conversations, and the podcast took off from there.”

Berry and Allan curated a 12-episode season that will include interviews with Neil Peart of Rush, Frank Zappa, Ray Charles, Joan Rivers and more.

“All the interviews are authentic, thought provoking, personal,” Osiris CEO RJ Bee said. “The rapport and laughter between Marc and the artist adds a lot of intimacy. This is really a gold mine that they have unearthed. These interviews are like little moments in history that would have otherwise been lost. I can’t wait for people to hear them.”

The interviews contain revealing, candid conversations. Some notable quotes from the first three episodes:

  • George Carlin on Donald Trump in 1989: “A real rat. It would be nice to see him run over by a truck. But he makes my life interesting.”
  • Billy Joel on whether he was confident about his success in 1994: “Lots of people forget: I started out at the bottom and I spent most of my life without money. Most of my life I was poor. And I had doubts that I would be able, because I had other jobs when I was a musician. I was a painter and a landscaper, and I worked in a gas station, short-order cook. I even wrote rock criticism. These were always like day gigs, which would augment the money I was making in the night gig. Like I said, when I realized I could pay the rent and have money left over for food from being a musician, that was one of the highlights of my life.”
  • Trey Anastasio, on working “without a net” musically, in 1993: “If you get tense about it, you’re gonna run into problems and if you just kind of let go of yourself and whatever your fears and ego and that kind of thing and get up on stage and just enjoy the experience of playing music, which was the reason that we all got into this in the first place, if you can maintain that, then it’s amazing how much fun it is. And if you’re having fun, that’s what’s translating out to the audience. If you’re worried about proving something, inevitably you’re kind of gonna fail, I think.”

Each episode will be released with a written transcript, articles that Allan wrote based on the interviews, and new blog posts about each interview.

Visit The Tapes Archive to learn more about the podcast, and subscribe via Apple Podcasts and Spotify. And check out the YouTube page for videos for each episode.

Leading Chefs Talk Music in New Podcast from Osiris and BGS

Osiris is proud to announce that season 2 of “The Shift List” will be hosted on the network, launching August 1. It’s a podcast that goes inside the kitchens of leading chefs to find out what kind of music fuels their shifts in the kitchen, their food and their lives. Partnering with BGS, the internet’s #1 source for roots culture, The Shift List offers a unique perspective on music through the eyes of the culinary world’s driving forces.

Host Chris Jacobs has talked to innovative chefs from around the world about the music that plays in their kitchens during a shift, including Copenhagen’s Rosio Sanchez (NOMA, Netflix’s Ugly Delicious), Kentucky’s Edward Lee (610 Magnolia, Top Chef), and Oklahoma City’s Colin Stiringer and Jeremy Wolfe (Nonesuch, Bon Appetit’s #1 Best New Restaurant 2018).

“The Shift List is a unique look into music through the culinary world, providing an intimate and authentic view of music from some of the world’s leading chefs,” said RJ Bee, CEO of Osiris. “The launch of The Shift List, in partnership with BGS, represents our expansion into more musical and cultural genres. Look for much more roots music and culture content from BGS and Osiris.”

Catch up on every episode of Season 1 now here, and stay tuned for Season 2, which launches August 1. Season 2 will include innovative chefs sharing the music they love from places like Hawaii, San Francisco, Austin, Montreal and more.

Subscribe to The Shift List now wherever you get your podcasts—Apple MusicSpotify and Stitcher.

Disco Biscuits’ Jon Barber Launches New Osiris Podcast

Osiris is thrilled to announce the launch of a new podcast, Touchdowns All Day—hosted by Jon “Barber” Gutwillig of The Disco Biscuits. This new show takes fans of the Biscuits deep into the band’s improvisations with Jon Barber offering his commentary and analysis. But it’s not just the Biscuits that are discussed—Jon talks about other music he’s listening to and other things on his mind.

“Touchdowns All Day is representative of the kind of podcast that can deepen the connection between an artist and their fans,” said RJ Bee, CEO of Osiris. “I think fans are going to enjoy hearing Jon analyze jams to add a layer of depth and understanding to what happens on stage. This is the first of many Osiris podcasts that will feature great artists, so stay tuned for more.”

You can listen to the first three episodes of Touchdowns All Day with Jon Barber and subscribe here.

New show The Drop and CashorTrade Partnership Announced

The Drop

We’re happy to announce the launch of The Drop, a weekly video news show hosted by our friend Amar Sastry. Check out our first episode above and subscribe to our YouTube page so you don’t miss an episode. New episodes drop every Sunday morning.

The Drop will be accompanied by a podcast with the same name, which will expand on the news and include Osiris podcast highlights, festival previews and coverage, artist interviews and much more. Please check out our first episode here.

The Drop is brought to you by CashorTrade. As a reminder, Osiris works in media partnership with JamBase.


Osiris today announced a partnership with CashorTrade, a social network where fans buy, sell and trade tickets at face value.

Born from the same love and passion for music, Osiris and CashorTrade both dedicate themselves to enriching the live music experience for their fans. “Osiris provides a new level of depth for fans,” says Jonny Adler, Director of Business Development at CashorTrade. “The same fans who are committed to the face value movement—the ones who want to share experiences, not make profit on tickets—are the same fans interested in diving deep into Osiris podcasts.”

As noted above, the near term focus of the partnership will be our new podcast and video series, The Drop.

“We’re living in a world where emails flood your inbox and music news gets lost in the mix,” says Osiris CEO RJ Bee.

“Podcasts are a new and exciting medium for content,” says CashorTrade founder and CEO Brando Rich. “Osiris is bringing a level of humanity to the discussion in a way that a blog article or social media post can’t.”

For more information on The Drop and the Osiris x CashorTrade partnership, visit or contact Taylor Esche at

Osiris Media and JamBase Announce Partnership

osiris-tab-1Osiris Media, an expanding network of music and culture podcasts, today announced a new strategic partnership with popular music news site JamBase. The alliance between Osiris and JamBase will provide enhanced music conversation and commentary for JamBase visitors, and expanded insights into all aspects of live music for Osiris’ listeners and fans.

The newly revamped JamBase homepage offers enhanced digital integration bringing fans easier and faster access to Osiris podcasts. The partnership includes the addition of The JamBase Podcast to the Osiris podcast network.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with JamBase,” said RJ Bee, Osiris CEO. “They are the best source of live music news, and they’re focused on connecting music fans with the music they love, which directly overlaps with what we’re doing. We think this partnership will improve music fans’ experience with the bands they love. And we’re looking forward to bringing The JamBase Podcast into our network as well.”

“Osiris brings together an impressive roster of cultural and music-centric podcasts and JamBase is thrilled to become their media partner,” said JamBase CEO David Onigman. “We look forward to highlighting Osiris podcasts through a newly designed fixed module located on our homepage that now features a section devoted to podcasts. The integration of the Osiris network of podcasters into the newly redesigned JamBase homepage will add significant value to our audience by sparking relevant conversations about cultural events and providing increased access to their favorite artists and bands. We are elated to have The JamBase Podcast join the ranks of the other fine podcasts in the Osiris network.”  

In addition to being a leading publisher of live music news, JamBase is home to a robust database of show listings, ticket information and personalization tools for fans to track their favorite bands and venues. JamBase also supports the world’s most comprehensive database of music festival information regarding lineups, dates, locations and tickets. The JamBase Podcast launched in 2017 and has featured interviews with Warren Haynes, Bruce Hornsby, Chris Robinson and many others from the jam scene and beyond.

About Osiris Media

Osiris Media was co-founded in 2018 by Phish lyricist and podcaster Tom Marshall and RJ Bee, co-creator of the Helping Friendly Podcast. Since its launch, Osiris has grown into a media company that uses podcasts, video and live experiences to create connections between fans, artists and like-minded companies. Osiris’ collection of podcasts focus on genres with passionate fans—starting with jam bands, indie rock, bluegrass, folk and classic rock, while also exploring other genres.

About JamBase

Established in 1998, JamBase is the premier online destination for fans of live music that attracts over 700,000 visitors each month. By providing the largest database of show listings and ticket information, authoritative editorial content and personalization tools for users, JamBase connects fans with the music they love and empowers them to go see live music. JamBase and its mobile apps provide music fans easily searchable up-to-date news and information regarding tour dates, festival lineups, album releases, show reviews and more.

“Anatomy of a Jam” creator Amar Sastry joins Osiris

We hope you’ve seen the “Anatomy of a Jam” videos created by Amar Sastry. He’s now part of the Osiris network, which means you can find all of his videos on our site. But more importantly, we’ll be working with Amar on some new music-related video projects.

“The future of media consumption is video, and we’re striving to stay ahead of the curve,” said RJ Bee, CEO of Osiris. “Amar’s attention to detail, knowledge and passion make him a perfect partner for Osiris. We’re going to be bringing a lot of exciting new video content to you, so stay tuned.”

Subscribe to our YouTube page if you haven’t already. And you can watch the “Anatomy of a Jam” about the Island Tour “Roses are Free” here.