Osiris is a network of music and culture podcasts.
Osiris helps podcasters launch and grow their podcasts, and offers podcast fans access to engaging and diverse music and culture content.

For Podcasters

Osiris makes it easier for people to launch and grow music and culture podcasts. We offer hands-on education for aspiring podcasters and tools that help podcasters create a web presence, distribute podcasts across iTunes and other platforms, and create and sustain audience engagement.

For Podcast Listeners

Osiris offers a variety of podcasts that cover a variety of jam bands, indie rock, bluegrass, folk, as well as podcasts devoted to Phish and the Grateful Dead, along with podcasts that focus on parenting and other cultural topics. We’ll continue to grow and expand this network, introducing more podcasts that cover a wider variety of artists and topics.

For Sponsors

If you are a mission-minded company seeking to engage passionate music fans, you can partner with Osiris. With a reach of 200,000 listens per month, we can help you deliver your brand message to targeted and engaged consumer segments.